The tournament will consist of multiple divisions of 3-player teams with each team playing at least four games leading up to the playoffs.
Players can join either individually or as a team with a commitment to solicit sponsorships from friends and acquaintances.
play4partners is a 3-on3 tournament that combines the power and the passion of competition team sports to strengthen jewish unity.
Be part of a great basketball experience and help raise vital funds to promote Jewish unity and continuity.
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tournament day

Tournament Day, June 11th, 2017, will begin with a series of pool-play games. Energy drinks, delicious food and refreshments will be available all throughout the day. A minimum of four games, will lead up to the playoff tournament and the crowning of the tournament champion. The final playoff tournament will be followed by an on-site Gala Banquet at the Downtown Sports facility.

about partners in torah

Partners in Torah seeks to unify the Jewish people through the power of Jewish learning. Jews across the spectrum of affiliation and observance seeking to deepen their knowledge of Jewish texts, philosophy and culture are paired up with a knowledgeable mentor whose aim is to share his or her time and knowledge. The 30-45 minute weekly study sessions which, for the most part, take place over the phone, most often lead to lasting friendships which endure for many years – long beyond the time they may chose to discontinue their actual study connection.

These relationships are formed and sustained through our dedicated team of trained Relationship Managers. The RMs as they are referred to, interview every prospective student and mentor to ensure that a suitable match is made – one which meets their study objectives and one in which the potential exists for a congenial friendship. The lasting relationships and friendships that result from the matchmaking is a testament to RM's painstaking efforts in making the right match. Several hundred partnerships have been together for 10+ years, several of which have been for over 20 years! Partners in Torah offers invaluable follow up services to many organizations including JWRP, Israel Free Spirit's Birthright program, Camp Nageelah, the Shabbos Project and others. By offering a unique service which these organizations lack the manpower to offer, Partners in Torah is able to concretize and augment the impact of these great organizations.

Our greatest achievement is perhaps the number of people it has serviced. In the last twenty three years, over 67,000 people have studied together through Partners in Torah. Currently, over 5,000 people study together on a weekly basis.

Partners in Torah takes advantage of the Jewish people's greatest asset: the Jewish people themselves and the warmth they inherently have for one another. That warmth is the secret sauce which has helped thousands of Jews, many of them previously disengaged or disenfranchised, develop a person connection with their heritage and fellow Jews. With your help, we can make this golden opportunity to many more Jews around the world.
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visit www.partnersintorah.org