What is Play4Partners?
Play4Partners is a 3 on 3 basketball tournament designed to encourage its participants to raise money for a great cause while having a great time in a competitive and fun environment.
What is Partners in Torah?
Partners in Torah seeks to unify the Jewish people through the power of Jewish learning. Jews across the spectrum of affiliation and observance seeking to deepen their knowledge of Jewish texts, philosophy and culture are paired up with a knowledgeable mentor whose aim is to share his or her time and knowledge. The 30-45 minute weekly study sessions which, for the most part, take place over the phone, most often lead to lasting friendships which endure for many years – long beyond the time they may chose to discontinue their actual study connection.
What is American Friends of Sderot?
Sderot is a town of 25,000 residents located in Southern Israel just one mile from the Gaza border. It is under constant threat of terror attacks by Kassam rockets as well as infiltration tunnels, as seen in the last war. The centerpiece of the town is the Hesder Yeshiva of Sderot, which provides communal leadership, social outreach and religious services so desperately needed in the community.

American Friends of Sderot runs programs and events throughout the year to raise awareness and much needed funds for the Hesder Yeshiva and the community of Sderot including: Walk the Boardwalk for Sderot, Sukkos Concert, Swish for Sderot Yeshiva Day School Basketball Tournament and Play4Partners Tournament.
How long is the tournament?
The tournament will be played out over one day on June 11th. All the games, playoffs, and championship will be played on the same day.
How will the tournament work?
All the participating teams will compete in 4 play-in games. After those games are completed, the top 16 teams, based on record and total points scored, will compete in a single elimination playoff.
How long are the games?
Each game will be 10 minutes, running time.
Will there be referees?
Yes. We are hiring professional referees from the area.
Will there be food?
Throughout the tournament day, there will be an open sports bar, where we will be serving smoothies, energy drinks, wraps, and pastries. After the tournament there will be a gala awards dinner for all the participants.
How do I sign up?
Click here to register.
Do I need to have a team put together before I register?
No. You can register under your own team and your teammates can add themselves to your team later.
Is there a minimum participant age?
What is the fundraising requirements?
Each team of 4 players must raise $2000 collectively.
How do I go about finding my sponsors?
Friends, family, and co-workers are a great place to begin your fundraising. You'll be surprised, once people hear the commitment you've made and the cause you're benefiting the donations will pile in. The staff at play4partners.com will be happy to assist you in any way possible.